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Arduino 1.8.3 / 1.8.4 Nightly

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Arduino 1.8.3 / 1.8.4 Nightly

Arduino Review:

 Arduino is a novel piece of software that helps you to write code for microcontroller and microprocessors on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine and upload it to your favorite board. These Arduino boards are completely compatible with the Arduino software and provide an effective means to create programs to control your own robots or any other automatic equipment.


 The main reason of using Arduino is that it makes it super easy to write code in any platform, using its own software and upload it to their own boards that are perfectly in sync with the software. Therefore, you save a lot of effort to make your code work with varieties of vendors and their boards. 
 - It gives you installers for Windows, which comes in two varieties, that is, Admin and Non-Admin. 
 - There is a separate installer for Mac OS X supporting Lion and newer versions.
 - The installer for Linux machines comes in two varieties, that is, 32 bit and 64 bit systems. The installer works across all flavors of Linux OS, majorly.

 Open Source

 Arduino is completely open source and is open for redistribution, development and addition from other sources. It majorly consists of APIs that works in sync with all of its boards regardless of their make and model.
 - The community provides hourly build to Arduino that covers bug fixes and other additions contributed by them voluntarily. The current release is Arduino 1.6.x and is always under hourly update.
 - You can also download the previous releases, that is, the classic Arduino 1.0 or Arduino 1.5.x version.

 The source code is hosted on GitHub and is under active development by the community. You also have the instructions to build the code from the source code on the website. This is recommended only for developers who want to modify certain aspects of the build.

 Getting Started

 There are a large number of things to get started with, like the resources at their website. They are divided into four categories, that is, Getting Started, References, Playground and Examples. If you want to start learning Arduino, you can always find help from their Forum and rich community support, even from third parties.  They also have a complete section dedicated to Support from actual developers.

 Arduino boards are pre-designed microcontroller and microprocessor boards with many other features. Arduino is the software intended to work with them.

Changes on the new version:
ARDUINO 1.8.3 2017.05.31
(bugfix service release)

* Fixed RESOURCE_NAME in script
* Serial Monitor: added "Clear output" button. Thanks @MichaelSy
* added options in preferences.txt for: custom title, comment/uncomment shortcut, always show file extensions. Thanks @MichaelSy
* added options in preferences.txt to enable/disable typing assistance (auto close brace, auto indent)
* Enabling "Use external editor" option now requires to save all sketches.

* AVR: added availableForWrite() method in generic Stream class. Thanks @eric-wieser
* AVR: moved flush() method up in the class hierarchy from Stream to Print class. Thanks @matthijskooijman

* Update Wifi101 Firmware Updater plugin

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